Modern Decors to make your space stunning

You home is beautiful. It just needs some love!

With a number of spaces left unattended and cluttered, the theme of the interiors of a home might not be able to contribute their best to showcase the glam.

No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from large to small, Stylingvilla can take care of everything, right down to the tiniest details. Contact them today to talk about your plans and vision.

Home Decor by Stylingvilla

Wall color

Keep it lowkey and blissful.

Stick to colors which are light and peaceful rather than bright and loud. They give you flexibility to decorate and adjust, while at the same time also making it easy for you to switch.

Light colors usually help in making the space look larger than it is as well as adding a feel of relaxation and calmness.

Open Kitchen and Sunny Ventilation

Kitchens are the source of freshness and health.

Make sure to keep your kitchen fresh and shining as well. Open kitchens with great ventilation and beautiful lighting can add the much needed liveliness to the home and energy to the one working in the kitchen.

Let the sunshine enter you kitchen from all the ways and try keeping the windows naked. Induce lightweight fabrics for panels like cotton, linen, and silk for a better and joyful hanging.

Add Nature

Done with everything?

Not yet with the most important one.

Bring in the nature and add the bits to the corners and surroundings of your home. Give it a natural look and make it feel closer. Texture oriented natural materials, hanging ropes, seagrass, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, or marble would make up for a great choice.

Adding these natural elements will automatically freshen up the entire space and add energy to the surroundings. It will also add the necessary softness and understated-yet-unique statement. It is fast, easy, and makes a big difference.

Rug Under Seating Furniture

Anchoring the rugs under the seating furniture makes up for the major portion of the glam to the room. Living room furniture can be equipped with the rug beautifully and a generous proportion of the rug can define the seating area of the room. But make sure you don’t go with a too small size of a rug making everything look out of scale.

Cozy Reading Spot and Bookshelf

Bookshelves and a cozy reading spot are no more a consideration to the beautiful interiors of the home. They are an integral part and it is important for them to be the most comfortable and soothing area of the house.

Adding a long couch and a wooden table would add the stars to the corner. Make sure it is not much cluttered with things and is kept light and spacious.

Artwork on The Walls

Why keep your walls empty when they can be used to display something which is attractive and classy? Add artworks to your walls and keep them engaged with your visitors. A blend of oversize pictures and many small pictures and décor pieces can bring life to the walls and not keep them quiet and monotonous.

Beautiful pieces of the artwork and décor can be hanged or attached to the walls. Light lamps and paintings can be further additions.

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